Well-being at work

Quality of working life, the "well-being" at work are the things extremely important in our times.

We spend at work 1/3 of our lives  and we should know  how we can take care of ourselves and how to take profits of this situation.

Our specialists will show you how to:

   *  better manage your stress, conflict or time
   *  find passion in your work
   *  identify your potential
   *  follow your needs and desires


My name is Dagmara DMITRZAK, I'm an English speaking certified psychologist, therapist, coach and also business and life trainer living and working in southern France in Montpellier.

My life experience of living abroad make me aware to the problems and issues experienced by people living in a foreign country, far from friends or family. I know how important is to have a chance to speak to someone in your native language .

If you need to talk, you've got a hard time in your life, you feel lost and alone , you don't know what to do, you have this strange feeling that you are not moving, you are making the same mistakes.... do not hesitate to contact me, I can help you to feel better.

I will be happy to help you to pass through difficult moments in your life, to help you to reveal your potential and optimize your talents and resources.

Hoping to meet you soon

Dagmara Dmitrzak