My name is Dagmara DMITRZAK I'm an English speaking certified psychologist, (registered with the local health authority's ARS, adeli 34349311019), therapist, coach and business and life trainer.

My life experience of leaving abroad make me aware to the problems and issues experienced by people leaving in the foreign country, far from friends or family. I know how important is to have a chance to speak to someone in your native language. I will be happy to help you to pass through difficult moments in your life, to help you to reveal your potential or optimize your talents and resources.

Hoping to meet you soon


Consultation online

Consultation online ... the solution adapted to your needs.

There are moments in life where you feel a little lost, frustrated, depressed or discouraged. Stress, fatigue, lack of time, personal, professionals or health  problems- those are the things that can reduce your quality of life.

You want to change something in your life, you want to see a psychologist or a coach but you can't cross the door of his office. Or, you live abroad and you have limited access to English speaking specialists.

In this case the meeting on-line is the best solution for you!

The on-line consultation is also a good solution for people with walking difficulties.

What does it mean "the online consultation"?

This is a real-time, live consultation with your coach or psychologist by Skype. You can choose between video conference or chat. Your psychologist or coach is at your disposal for 45-60 min. to ensure you a support.


  • confidence and security - except you no one will knows that you have a meeting with psychologist or coach
  • comfort - you don't have to move yourself, you have a consultation on-line whenever and wherever you want
  • anonymity- if you want you can rest anonymous

When to consult?

When you have:
  • sleep disorders or insomnia, 
  • persistent tiredness
  • regular, excessive crying or general ill-being
  • obsessive thoughts
When you feel :
  • physical pain without organic cause
  • anxious, said or alone
  • irritability and anger that you are no longer able to manage ...
  • a lack confidence in yourself and/or in others.
When you need :
  • to talk
  • to be advised and guided
  • a professional coach
When you want:  
  • to know you better and develop positively in your life
  • to solve your relationship problems
  • to change your life or your job

    cabinet.properso@gmail.com MAIL

    or by  skype: 
    Dodaj mnie do Skype

    Together we will find a solution adapted to yours needs .