My name is Dagmara DMITRZAK I'm an English speaking certified psychologist, (registered with the local health authority's ARS, adeli 34349311019), therapist, coach and business and life trainer.

My life experience of leaving abroad make me aware to the problems and issues experienced by people leaving in the foreign country, far from friends or family. I know how important is to have a chance to speak to someone in your native language. I will be happy to help you to pass through difficult moments in your life, to help you to reveal your potential or optimize your talents and resources.

Hoping to meet you soon



Reasons to consult a psychologist are:
  * afford to take care of yourself
  * to take the right direction in life
  * to find a new way
  * to find solutions to overcome obstacles
  * to strengthen your belief in yourself
  * to find the answers you seek
  * to get to know yourself better
  * to make an assessment
  * to take a break