My name is Dagmara DMITRZAK I'm an English speaking certified psychologist, (registered with the local health authority's ARS, adeli 34349311019) life coach and business and life trainer.

My life experience of leaving abroad make me aware to the problems and issues experienced by people leaving in the foreign country, far from friends or family. I know how important is to have a chance to speak to someone in your native language. I will be happy to help you to pass through difficult moments in your life, to help you to reveal your potential or optimize your talents and resources.

Hoping to meet you soon



Welcome to the website of Dagmara Dmitrzak: Psychologist,  Coach and Trainer

If you are seeking psychotherapy or counseling, please feel free to look at this site and contact me with any questions. I am centrally located in Montpellier/Jacou and Ganges.


 In my personal journey I discovered that we can improve our behaviour and increase our chances of success by working on ourselves.

     Born in Poland, high qualified psychologist, life coach, trainer, specialist in motivation and self-motivation, today I wish
to put at your service all my competences and knowledge.

      First I worked in health care structures: in a hospital, and in various medical and social services. I think, that this step is necessary
for every psychologist, even if he doesn't want to work in health care structures.

  Then I started my adventure with trainings, personal and professional development in a big company. At the same time I've been  teaching students at the university and started with teenagers addicted to alcohol and drugs  in a sport club
Actually, I am a big passionate of positive psychology. I look to strengthen your inner resources and to develop the factors of your own well-being. 

  Hope to here from you soon!

                                Dagmara Dmitrzak

Diplomas and Certificates

  - ADELI Number: 349311019

  - Member of PTP

  - Master of Psychology

  - PhD Quality of life in preparation

  - Coach

  - Trainer

  - Fluent in English, Polish,French!