When you feel anxious, hopeless, isolated, sad, too fat, too thin, too big, too small, depressed, shy or unhappy...

When you repeat all the time the same mistakes, or you feel unhappy with yourself without reason....'s not such a bad idea to meet a personal coach or a psychologist.
 I'll try to help you to find your way whether it is, business, stress or health.

Feel free to contact "Cabinet ProPerso" in Jacou (near Montpellier), or Ganges,  for:
  •      individual consultations
  •      collective consultations with your husband/wife, partner, parent, child, friend, neighbour...
  •      personal and professional development
  •      help and support    

Issues which could be worked on in psychotherapy and counseling:
  • Women's Issues
  • Depression, Sadness, Loneliness
  • Anxiety, Fearfulness,
  • Stress
  • Different types of Traumas
  • Individual Counseling for Relationship or Partner Issues
  • Life Transition Issues: Marriage, Divorce, Childbirth, Adoption, Emigration
  • Goal Setting/Career
Some exemples what kind of outcomes you can expect after our consultations:
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Better communication
  • Free up your intuition and creativity
  • Identify and set boundaries in personal and professional life
  • Reduce self-criticism
  • Know your strengths
 You are wandering how much does it coast

The sessions are depending on your needs and your progress.

Consultations could be done one to one, over the phone or even by skype.


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Cabinet ProPerso

6 avenue de Vendargues 
 34830 Jacou